Frequently Asked Questions
Q- What kind of video do you make?

A- We make all type of video animations.

Q-  How long does it take to complete orders?

A-  Approximately 24-48hrs

Q-  What kind of Animations Are Available?

A-  Premade Version, which is easily bought and licensed to you only, is available, but if you need a custom order, please email us.


Q-  How much does an order cost?

A-  All new orders comes with a fixed price, except custom order which we can always agree to a certain amount before proceeding.


Q-  How do I submit artwork?

A-  Upload your High-Resolution Logo (Mainly For logo reveal), for complete animation story, please give us your idea concept and we will deliver to your taste


Q-  What are your delivery policies?

A-  We can deliver the full order to you,  and we stick around until you’re satisfied with your package.


Q-  How do I pay for my order.

A-  Via Paypal